Why Ugly Cake Tastes Better – The Devil [‘s Food] is In The Details

From Our Reiki Grandmaster Trish Lee

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Amelia and I bake a lot of cakes.  Mostly special requests from family members or more decorative cakes for special occasions.  But after all of the fancy decorations come off it’s all just the same basic stuff on the inside – cake.  But why did the “ugly” cake you cooked last week to “just eat” (which you didn’t even bother taking out of the 9×13 pan it was cooked in) taste so much better than the fancy decorative cake you ate at your cousin’s wedding last month?  One word – refrigeration.  I generally dislike refrigeration of all baked goods – breads, biscuits, tortillas, even pizza crust.  Refrigeration does something to an otherwise delicate structure that simply reheating to room temperature can’t correct.  But when it comes to cake decorating, especially with buttercream, refrigeration is key to help solidify the buttercream details.  Without it, on a hot summer day, an otherwise…

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