Seeds For Meditation

pink tulips morning dew


One thing is a constant in our universe, that is change, and now as there is a great shifting of energies on planet earth: prepare as it is now reflected on your life path.

Necessity and opportunity are now combined, making this a rarified time where your power to make positive change is at its most dynamic. It is a time that can carry you to heights you have not before imagined. No need to rush or panic, there will be time to do what must be done. And have no doubts the changes you have desired and dreamed are active as never before.
When you read or hear this message from the ancient oracle avoid the temptation to make changes purely for the sake of change that would be folly. Be present, and with out shame or judgment seek wise council when necessary from either your inner teachers or the ones in the flesh who are accessible. Don’t let your ego keep you from asking for assistance from a wise person in your tribe when you feel you are missing something in the process. This will be of benefit to family, tribe and relationships as all moves toward the benefit of the greater good.
Carefully consider each move you deem necessary, consider all aspects and ramifications of your action; then make that move the focal point of your actions and supported by finding stillness in your meditation. In stillness you will be shown the proper time to take action or to discard a particular action. Moving in this way, you can build a solid foundation from which to launch your revolution, your re-evolution, and the change that will allow you to achieve supreme success. And have no doubt; this time in your life, and that of the world tribe, is nothing short of revolution. Be well armed, with your armory of love, kindness and compassion.

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