Combo Pizza Pot Stickers

Crazy good idea!

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5-23-15 046

Okay, don’t lynch me yet!  I know it sounds really, really, really  wrong but it’s oh, oh so good.  This is the brain child of a late night, snack night dinner coupled with a lot of leftovers from the prior night’s “pizza  night” dinner.  Here at CPM, we call it fusion.  I’m pretty sure our mom called it “clean out the fridge night”.  And, even though this “fusion” goodie sounds odd, you will be chuffing these babies down before the next batch is off the pan.  I even had to share the genius with our neighbors, the MacLeods, who came bearing a drink called Dark and Stormy in exchange for these pizza rip-offs.  I don’t know what was in the Dark and Stormy but it was super yummy too!  Thanks much!

5-23-15 046

Combo Pizza Pot Stickers

24 pot stickers or wonton wrappers
½ pound +/- Italian sausage (mine was previously…

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