Forecast for the 2015 Leo New Moon


August 14, 2015
7:53 AM PDT / 10:53 AM EDT / 2:53 PM GMT
21 Leo 30

Impulses that have been smoldering all summer catch fire with August’s Leo New Moon. The event takes influences from two overlapping cycles, rolls them into a fireball and hurtles them — and us — forward.

Under normal circumstances, the Leo Moon gives a boost to our egos, playfulness and need for recognition and attention. This time around, the Moon is not merely priming our inner spark. It is     pouring desire and willpower into that spark and catalyzing dramatic developments.


The catalyst angle comes from the New Moon’s tight, easy flow to Uranus, cosmic agent provocateur. Pressures and impulses from the last three years, and from the end of June in particular, are catching fire. (Again.) This link imbues the New Moon with the radically liberating, individuating end of the change imperative that has…

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