BLUE-MOONSome astrologers say that the “shadow period” of the Mercury retrograde is when it’s most intensely felt. In my case, I have found that to be true. (Not surprising, since six of the planets in my natal chart are ruled by Mercury!)

What is the “shadow period”? It’s the three weeks before Mercury goes retrograde (kind of like Mercury retrograde PMS!) and the three weeks after it stations direct. This means that although Mercury is only retrograde for three weeks, there is an additional buffer zone where the energy is still a bit erratic. Nine weeks, baby. Three times a year. (Sometimes four!)

Dark moons are also potentially powerful – especially for psychic stuff. A dark moon is the period before a New Moon, when there is no solar reflection and the face of the moon appears dark. I always feel the energy of a dark moon more than I do a Full Moon. It’s like a strange, throbbing pulse.

Stay aware. Pay attention to the planets, the vibe, your gut, and your surroundings. Seriously. Look. See the signs. Notice what you feel. Watch the stars and the people around you. The more aware you are, the more you see how you are working with the energy or not.

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