Daily Aspects – Oct 27 – Full Moon in Taurus

5D Astrology

At 8:05am on Tuesday morning, the Moon will reach his exact Opposition to the Sun at 3:45 Taurus. The Sun is at 3:45 Scorpio. The Sun and Moon are our 2 luminaries. They show us our personal identity and ego (Sun) and our feelings and intuition (Moon). They are our public (Sun) and private (Moon) sides. When they are in Opposition, we see a contrast between what we are creating (Sun) and how we feel (Moon) about it. This is the halfway point of a monthly cycle, typically. But the New Moon was in Libra so the energy is shifted. We will have an ‘ending’ (Full Moon) around Taurus/Scorpio things making way for a ‘fresh start’ (New Moon) in Scorpio on Nov 11.

Leading up to this Full Moon, we have had clarity and thoughts and words guiding us into the ‘ending’ of this Opposition. But on the heels of…

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