Daily Planetary Energy Report – November 5, 2015

Planet Girl Consulting, LLC

The Virgo Moon forming a hard aspect to Saturn during early morning hours generate a need for emotional solitude.  Meditation or connecting to individual spiritual guidance may be helpful as the Moon forms connections to Mercury and later Neptune.  Listen to others sympathetically, as well as listening to yourself.

An interest in psychology or in a social experiment may emerge as Mercury makes a community-friendly 9th harmonic connection to Mars.   Understanding motivations of others is strong. Be a peace-maker or build bridges between differing points of view.

An idealistic image or belief in a beautiful world is magnified as Venus and Neptune meet in a 9th harmonic setting.  Mercy and kindness are fortunate by-products.

With the Sun forming a strict 7th harmonic connection to Uranus, call upon disciplined spontaneity.  Controlled or tantric practices feel good, especially as the Sun forms an easy sextile to

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