Planetary Happenings On Deck for the 25th


A brief message about those Christmas day planets —

We’re in for a some great energy shifts starting with the Full Moon in sensitive Cancer.  Cancer rules the home, making this day perfect for spending with your family.  Full Moons are fabulous for clearing + letting go.  Are there some old grudges you’ve been holding with a family member?  If so, perhaps you may want to consider forgiving the past and starting 2016 with a fresh slate.  Let go of any ill will and focus this day on creating a healthy change with  the ones you love.  Uranus turns direct at 9:53 PM CST, which indicates change is on the way and progress is ahead.  Mercury in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter adds an optimistic energy to conversations – which may keep confrontations to a minimum.

This all adds up to a powerful day for releasing resentments, healing the past and moving towards a more harmonious future with our families.   It’s a wonderful life indeed.
Have a wonderful holiday filled with love, light, and blessings!

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