Healthy Foods – VeganButter – Don’t Have Time To Make This? No Worries – You Can Now Buy It!

Order up your VeganButter here!

We’ve shared Miyoko’s video on how she makes a healthier alternative to dairy butter, because we share the same world vision about all sentient beings coexisting on Earth:  Animals are sentient beings of intelligence.  They deserve to live a natural life in peace, not a life of torture and pain.

But, lots of people make the excuse that making Veggie-friendly butter is too much trouble … they don’t have the time … I’d rather take my chances eating real butter … I’m a Vegetarian, but I don’t care whether my butter is dairy … I don’t wanna hear how the cows are treated …  Really?

Well, it’s here. What you didn’t even know you were waiting for … and it’s hitting Whole Foods shelves in several regions this week … and it tastes great!  The bonus?  Your arteries will thank you.

Can’t get to a Whole Foods store in your area?  Order your VeganButter and try some of Miyoko’s various nut cheeses (so yummy!) online …

Yay, Miyoko!!  Get heart-healthy and get with-it … Live Peace!  Go Vegetarian!  Go Vegan!  Live Aloha!

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