About Gamesplayers and Playing Games


Actually, this is a sticky topic because it’s about getting rid of distractions. Distractions from … what?  What is important, of course.  But then … what ought to keep your mind?  Why, whatever is your point of focus at the moment.  Anything will do … so long as you can keep your mind from wandering.

So, wandering is getting involved in games, isn’t it?

And then again … can you stop competing with other human beings … pursuing the desire, the craving, the suffering … to be superior?  How to stop playing the “me-first” game?

It seems to be a common human socialization pattern amongst strangers, friends and family.  So long as most are busy trying to beat someone at something, such situations create a circumstance that might appear as happiness.  Hhhmm … sounds a bit dysfunctional as it appears in this two-dimensional black and white form.

I understand … it’s hard trying not to play The Game, because it feels like a trap from which you cannot get out.  What does “it” mean … you cannot get out of “it”?  “It” means that you and the trap are one in the same!  You are not caught, you see, because when there’s nobody in the trap there is no trap.

And so, if you are able to break from this obsession to compete, to one-up another being, for sport, for egoic satisfaction (read, faux happiness), then you can extract yourself from the gameplaying and The Game … The “my game is more interesting than your game” game … and win that game by choosing not to play at all.

You see … it really doesn’t matter if you live or die, because the Spirit goes on as perfectly indestructible.  Body death does not cause Spirit death because Spirit simply loses it’s mortal skin bag and goes on in a different way.  So, why entertain a games-player and play their egoic game?  It’s their game, their issues, about what defines happiness for them.

Thank you, I do not want or need another’s issues, and respectfully decline.


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