Tarot Contemplation – The Emperor


Though we often counsel heart over mind, there are times when mind over heart is necessary … and today, welcomed.  Your mental focus is needed to make hard decisions, however, decision-making feels easier as this is another benefit of the new direction you are presently following in your life.  You are learning to master your Self, so embrace your self-determination.  Perhaps you might encounter a kindly older gentleman whose perspective will assist your decision-making process.  Because he’s older, he may appear to be a rules-stickler that rubs your “modern” free-thinking ways the wrong way.  Don’t react negatively by taking his advice the wrong way.  This experience is a reminder that structure and logic do have a place in your perspective.  You’re finding that things are running smoother and that your supervisors are appreciating your performance at work.  Continue to keep your focus on following procedural guidelines so that your persistence leads to more success on the job.  If you’re looking for work, apply a logical approach in selecting the jobs to which you submit your applications.  Don’t forget to include a continued focus on your spiritual self.  Explore the avenues you uncovered over the past several days.  Your self-discipline, persistence, assertiveness and confidence in what you are discovering today will pay off on the journey ahead.

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