Tarot Contemplation – King of Swords


Consider the feelings of others before you act.  You might need to change something major in your behaviour, thoughts and/or expectations.  Don’t try to overextend your reach.  You may find that a coworker or supervisor might be expressing himself/herself a bit forcefully (as in sounding opinionated).  Its good you know your boundaries, but don’t be so defensive in your communications.  That person is simply doing his/her job and it might be you being overly sensitive.  Of course, don’t be so reactionary and allow yourself to swing too far the other way and be somebody’s rug.  In finance, the King tells you that you must look realistically at your financial situation and that procrastination does not serve you.  On the other hand, if your finances are doing well, then perhaps it’s time to behave more generously with others even though you might not feel like it.  Your actions today plant the seeds for further success tomorrow.  Follow-up on any health problems you might be experiencing, but do some ahead research before seeing your physician.  Seek out new sources of information and insight.  It benefits you to be proactive in your actions now.

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