Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Swords


Did you awaken feeling anxious and fearful?  What makes you worry?  The number 9 tells you to slow your roll to relieve the stress.  Breathe and calm yourself.  Is what you are worried about something within your power or control?  If so, you can do something about it now.  If not, examine the situation for something that can be changed to make things more workable.  If you are placing more stock into making your life more than what it is at the moment, alleviate your worry by choosing to focus on the ordinary things that you might be overlooking and taking for granted as being a part of your life, and take joy and comfort in recognizing the beauty in those things now.  Is something troubling you about your relationship?  Don’t ignore your gut feelings … if it feels unhealthy, then perhaps now is the time to address the problem directly.  Slow down and look critically at what’s happening.  Find out what resources you need and use them.  Stress is unhealthy for mind, body and spirit, so consider possible ways to change your current lifestyle and spending habits.  Take the time to meditate so that these questions and possible solutions become clear in your mind.  It’s time to silence that monkey mind.

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