Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Wands


Today is a great day at work.  You may be asked to travel and do take advantage of the opportunity, if you can.  Energies are upbeat, positive and leave you feeling enthusiastic and confident that you are reaching your goals.  Projects are likely to be or are turning out successful and better than envisioned.  Take pride in your good work.  If you’re job hunting, then you are likely going to receive positive results from your interviews in the form of job offers.  Continue to expand communication with your partner and realize a tighter bond of commitment between you both.  If you’re dating, you may meet a light-haired person through work and that will catch your fancy.  Your money is flowing easier than it did yesterday, so take advantage of this opportunity to save a little more by continuing to cut extravagant expenses here and there.  When you go through your exercising today, enjoy the energy burst in the form of enthusiasm during your session, but take care not to overdo it and sprain or otherwise injure yourself.  Spiritually, you discover yet another way to look at your life and will feel inspired to pursue that avenue.  You will also feel gratitude in this further expansion of your spirit, so be sure to pay it forward.

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