Tarot Contemplation – The Fool


Ah, we’ve levelled up to yet another new beginning!  You have learned a lot about yourself these past two moon cycles and with this Pink Full Moon, you are viewing today from a more expansive spiritual perspective.  You’ve been minding the signs along the path that indicated your need to pare down on the material and focus inward, and this approach brings you to a much sought-after opportunity to uncover another aspect of yourself.  Those ideas that sparked projects or uniquely creative work opportunities are taking shape nicely.  Don’t worry if others don’t “get you” or your perspective.  The important thing is that you are trusting the direction you are taking your life now.  Enjoy feeling this freedom … unfurl those sails and head for the horizon.  Finances are continuing to improve, and this adds to your feeling of security in pursuing your present heading.  You might have to go this first leg of your new journey alone, however, so don’t feel badly if you cannot commit to new relationships at this time.  Once you get your bearings, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for new relationships ahead.  This is a time to step back and look at the Big Picture and explore what is before you.  Enjoy the exploration knowing that you are broadening your horizons of understanding.

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