Tarot Contemplation – Four of Swords


You or someone close to you is in need of space, and so allow it.  This is a time to rest and recuperate.  Others have been vying for your time and attention, but you need to set some boundaries now and just say “no”.  Of course, if others are saying “no” to you, now is the time you respect their boundaries and don’t push it, else the situation backfires in your face.  You need a break to get some perspective, so if it’s possible to take a long weekend or a little time off of work, do it.  Patience with the process of progress comes when you step back and give yourself room to breathe.  If you can’t take off from work, then do something different to give you the space to breathe.  Take walks at lunch.  Switch the TV off or, for that matter, all your electronics off, and go to bed earlier.  If you need to switch jobs, then again, be proactive. Your feelings are your own, but don’t cut your partner off and increase distance between you.  Gently communicate that you just need some time apart to clear your head.  With your finances, you might need to think through different options about bringing in more income, especially if you’ve fallen a little behind on your payments.  Procrastination is never your friend, so use this time to get back on track.  Just keep moving forward and try to remain upbeat so that you attract the prosperity you deserve.  Bottom line:  slow down and take it easy, and be thankful for what you have.  Pushing yourself without rest is just inviting trouble with your health, on every front.  Quiet time is healing time.

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