Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Cups


Now that you’ve allowed yourself some space and rested, it’s time to move on.  You’ve come to accept the realization that something … a relationship or a situation … is no longer working for you.  ‘Ua ōla loko i ke aloha … Love gives life within, so you must love yourself to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Don’t be sad that you have to let go because this is necessary for your highest good.  Trust your gut and know that better times are ahead for you.  Make the choice to close the door so that another opens to you.  Don’t let the security of a regular paycheck tie you to a dead-end job.  Things will not change or improve unless you act.  You can do it … that is, you can manifest, bring into your reality, what you are seeking to feel more fulfilled and happier with your life.  If inner reflection reveals finally that a long-term relationship is no longer workable, find the courage to end it now because there will never be a good moment to do it.  If you’re dating, don’t act rashly and give yourself time to think more about what you seek.  If you’re still resting your spirit and still in the energy vibe of yesterday’s need for rest, then find depth and inner wisdom in solitude and in listening to the small still voice inside your heart.  Don’t allow stress to gnaw at you and cause health problems.

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