Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Swords


Watch your Six.  This card tells you that you are dealing with someone with less than ethical intentions.  If your Spidey senses are telling you that someone might be spying on you, or trying to frame you for something serious at work, you might be right.  Conversely, if you feel tempted to pry into someone else’s life (and parents, we are not including you keeping a close eye out on the kids), resist the temptation because everyone deserves privacy.  In competitions, such as vying for a job or that Friday night poker game, be aware that there might be some cheating going on.  So, keep aware and present in the moment and you won’t be caught off guard and you won’t need to worry … even if someone is out to get you.  At work, your work conduct and work product are being scrutinized, so continue to do your best in dotting your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s”.  Stay away from water cooler chit-chat.  Nurturing trust at this time is tantamount to keeping the balance.  As for your finances, today is not a good day to play the Lotto or go to the casino … and remember, buying into that expensive spiritual program doesn’t buy you spiritual integrity or bolster your self-esteem, so keep wary of those flashy New Age programs everyone seems to be talking about.  Doing your own research, your way, is the way to continue learning and growing spiritually right now.

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