Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Cups


This is what we all know as the “wish card”, and one of the most positive signs in the Tarot.  That is, what you are hoping for, wishing for, dreaming about, is most likely to be yours in a general sense, but also for a brief period of time.  You’ve come into a moment of good luck, happiness, bliss and sensual pleasures.  If you had a question on your mind when you looked at this card, then the answer is a likely “yes,”  though perhaps not carved in stone.  Things are looking up on the work front … things that have been stalled are finally moving forward in May.  If you’ve been job hunting, the job you’ve been really hoping for is finally coming through.  Your relationships are at an all-time high today.  If you’re looking for a partner, get out there and mingle and enjoy the people that cross your path.  You’re feeling in the pink, so just have fun.  Your diligence with your finances is now paying off, too, because you can now see that things are gonna be all right.  Hooray!  Positive affirmations and visualizations inspire you to trust yourself more.  Ride this wave … dream big and take proactive steps to manifest your heart’s desires today.

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