The Rub: Chef Robert Hesse and When Pigs Fly

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hesse boys wpfbbq

You have to have a good rub to start some good BBQ, and there’s some exciting news in the BBQ world! Two-time Hell’s Kitchen contestant and celebrity chef Robert Hesse is shedding his Executive Chef’s coat for a brand new one and starting a new venture – in BBQ. Chef gave CPM the rub.

Chef met up with the Zimmerman Brothers of the former ZeBro’s Harbor House in Westfield, NY and created a new restaurant – When Pigs Fly BBQ Pit. “I knew right away when I walked into ZeBro’s that it was time to make a change.” That change would be for Chef and for ZeBro’s.

ZeBro’s was a popular place at one time but became an identity lost in extensive zebra themed décor, prime rib, frog legs, and hot wings. Chef Hesse could see that the restaurant needed a lot of love and change. And Chef Hesse…

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