Tarot Contemplation – The Moon


You feel confused, vulnerable and full of doubts. However, all is not as it seems. Feel the fear and do it anyway, because all will turn out well. Expect the new and unexpected to show up and welcome it into your life.  Your turbulent emotions are muddying the waters so step back and try to find clarity of mind, no matter how difficult this proves to be. Things may seem tough or confusing but stick with it, it’s right for you.  At this time, you desire comfort, security and happiness and may well need some emotional support and reassurance.  Things will turn out fine, just know that you are loved and that there are people around you who care.  You are afraid of making the wrong decisions. There is a warning here that foolhardy, impetuous actions could lead to major problems.  Perhaps you feel that you don’t have control over a situation, either personal or professional. You may feel unable to complete a task or stay in a current relationship and fear the consequences of your decisions. Perhaps you know deep down that what you want isn’t really such a good thing.  Deep down, however, you are Brave heart!  Your self-confidence and courageous spirit is unstoppable at the moment.  Be patient and compassionate, self-disciplined and strong and you will reap great rewards for your courage.  Insecurity is a devil that taunts us, but only if we listen to that ‘doubting Thomas’ we all have in our heads.  Ignore it.  What do your instincts tell you? Perhaps you don’t like what they say. Well you could always go against your intuition – but we all know what that leads to, don’t we!  You are about to undergo a period of dramatic change and upheaval – however this period of change will herald a new beginning.  It is time to re-evaluate. Sometimes, as difficult as the disappointment has been to take, change can create new possibilities you never dreamed of.  There could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.

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