Tarot Contemplation – Page of Pentacles


Are you contemplating work around the house you’ve been putting off, but now that you’re home for a long weekend you’re thinking now is the time?  Allow the supportive energy of the Page of Pentacles to be the current that carries you through even the most mundane tasks on an upbeat note.  Don’t languish in a feeling of boredom to the point where you feel like you need to shake things, or people, up just for kicks because such actions might end up with you falling on your face.  As for those tasks you’ve been putting off?  Get ‘er done and get it out of your way, finally.  You now have the time.  If you are feeling blase’ in your relationships, do something positive about it, like communicate to that other, in a loving way.  Change means being honest about the situation and dealing with it, rather than ignoring there is a problem.  Remember, your hard work is always rewarded as you’ve seen in days past, and today is no exception.  However, this isn’t a good day for gambling or taking risks.  Transmute that bored feeling.  How? Methodology is key to pursuing what excites you most.  Create your own energy and enthusiasm and find someone who is the most upbeat and spiritually aware and ask what makes him/her tick.  You will learn some helpful tips.

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