Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot


You’ve made good use of the Page of Pentacles’ energies and mapped out a game plan direction to accomplish the goals your heart knows will ensure further happiness.  The energies of the Chariot are supporting your best-shot efforts and are focused on the achievement of your ambitions and goals.  Do not allow others who are inadvertently thwarting you to get under your skin.  The shortest way to deal with your angst is to remain focused straight ahead and silently through it.  If you and your actions are right (and right now, you’ve been more on than off), then others will soon perceive a view akin to yours and the annoyance imposed by a few will dissipate.  If you’re dating, you’re being tempted to go full steam ahead, which might be acting too hasty under the circumstances.  Slow your roll!

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