Tarot Contemplation – Page of Wands


Summer is here and you are finding yourself easily distracted.  Try to remain focused in the moment, in spite of the warming temperatures outside.  A younger light-haired woman might cross your path who will inspire you to do more today with her warmth and high energy ambition; she’s your Muse.  Projects begun days ago are now coming to fruition.  Job applications you’ve previously dispatched can yield job offers extended to you now.  Anticipate messages of love and affection from your partner … or, if you’re dating, meeting someone who appears to have much in common with you and is equally adventurous.  Pursue the inspiration to be creative in your works today … dream, play, be inventive.  Your previous efforts to pay it forward seeded good karma that’s coming your way.  As your finances are looking healthier by the day, you would benefit from efforts focused on long-range financial goals.  As for your health, make the effort to do more for your body by eating better and smarter.  Carpe diem!

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