Tarot Contemplation – Six of Cups


Today is a great day to stroll down Memory Lane and allow nostalgia to be the lens for looking back on how things used to be.  This isn’t about getting stuck in the past; this is just a wistful reverie.  When we were younger we felt more creative in the moment … so allow that same creative fire infuse your day, whether you’re at work or at home.  Dream with your partner … what kinds of goals do you both want to achieve to manifest the future you envision together?  But, if you’ve run across your Old Flame, think long and hard about whether to re-start up this emotional relationship:  Exes are exes for a reason.  If you’re thinking of investments to make, look to things that are retro, nostalgic or that appeal to children.  Money can come to you today through someone from your past or through inheritance.  On some matters, like your health, where you’re experiencing problems, answers might be found when you retrace back to your own childhood to examine where the roots of your physical problems might lie.  Our emotions are very much tied to our physical well-being, you see.  Perhaps these insights will lead to discussions with family members about the physical problems that they have faced.  Spiritually, ritual can be helpful to you now.  You may find beauty and meaning in recreating some of the spiritual rituals that you knew as a child.  Updating and reinventing your old traditions will serve you very well at this time.

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