Tarot Contemplation – The Magician


The Magician is all about making higher, and better, use of all of one’s Mana … Power that comes from Within:  spiritual, emotional, from the supraconsciousness.  After all the changes that we’ve been going through these past several days, we are now embarking on another level of our journey.  Today comes the Aloha lesson “Na Mahu’i Nui” (great expectations).  Great expectations often turn out as planned disappointment. Focus on expectation to put you in the state of “what isn’t.” The heart is naturally going to react to the mind’s preoccupation with “what isn’t” with disappointment, anger, frustration. Your mantra is i keia manawa … stay in this moment.  You may notice many synchronicities that point to deep spiritual events taking place despite superficial appearances.  Knowledge, strength and inspiration are yours to claim to meet your challenges.  Step into your Mana now and consider undertaking some form of spiritual study that you’ve thought about, but put off undertaking for another occasion in the future.  Today may very well be this beginning.

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