Tarot Contemplation – King of Pentacles

GD TAROT_king pentacles

The cards say that today, be the King of Pentacles:  he is a successful and ambitious person.  He is practical and careful in business affairs.  He’s a manager or owner of resources.  Thus, he is a wealthy man because he’s careful with his money, but doesn’t mind spending it on life’s luxuries.  He is a sensual person who treasures comfort … generous, but always considers what’s in it for him.  Well, he didn’t get to where he is by giving everything away!  This King is a thoughtful, considerate lover, husband and father.  A family man who is calm and patient, but can get upset when his loved ones act erratically.  Today, spend some time thinking about your financial situation.  You have a good practical energy around you that’s great for organizing your finances and making money decisions.  Be sure to use some of that energy to notice and appreciate your many blessings as well.

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