Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Swords

9 swords

You are being plagued by worry, anxiety and fear.  You may be having nightmares or trouble sleeping because of all the thoughts racing through your mind.  You may be feeling ill and worried about your health.  Sometimes when we don’t deal with a situation in the light of day, it haunts us by night.  Worrying is pointless unless it drives us to do something about the troublesome situation.  This card advises us to start confronting our worries and fears.  Start taking steps to solve your problems.  Talk to someone about what is on your mind.  Write in a journal.  Start taking better care of your health.  Do something!  You are near the end of your mental ordeal, if you start facing it.  If you continue to ignore your doubts and fears, they will continue to haunt you.  It’s time to start getting to the roots of your worry.  There is something you’ve been pushing down or trying to ignore, but it’s not working for you anymore.  Your worries creep in when you’re trying to sleep, disrupt your appetite, create so much noise in your mind.  A good way to start facing what’s bothering you is to write it down.  From there you can decide if there’s something you can do about it, or choose to just let it go.

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