Tarot Contemplation – Three of Wands



Invest in your future today.  Make connections, work on your education, start creating something for the future.  Your future self will say, “I am so glad I put energy into this back then.”  Guaranteed.  A decision has been made and you are taking your first optimistic steps towards your goals.  You have set things in motion and there is no turning back now.  You know what you need to do and you have the confidence to do it.  You have the ability to lead and a vision that can inspire.  Forgiveness of others or yourself may be required in order to let go of the past.  With the bright future ahead of you, it is an ideal time to let go of past hurts.  Notice how the figure is looking towards the horizon?  This might indicate foreign travel.  Coming together with others and negotiating or trading could also be implied.  If so, there will be equality and cooperation in such endeavors.  Bottom line:  growth is certain.

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