Make Your Own: Calendula Salt Scrub

This is a wonderful relaxing, anti-inflammatory scrub for the tub that looks and smells like a bright ray of sunshine.

Healing Rays Calendula Salt Scrub

Whereas the coffee and sugar scrub is designed to thrill with you wonderful fragrance, this next one is anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and ultra-nourishing for your skin. It’s perfect for the friend who wants a natural solution to easing inflammation and stress.

iStock_000036281332SmallThe Healing Rays Salt Scrub is designed to be used on the limbs and torso in the bathtub where its recipient can soak in its therapeutic effect. The recipe features calendula-infused oil along with essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile; all three bring strong anti-inflammatory properties along with nurturing and soothing energetics. The addition of raw honey provides the blend with a rich thickness and adds a luxurious hint in the tub. More often than not, I actually use Manuka honey in this scrub to add additional antibacterial…

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