Pine Salt Infusion

Witchery Wednesday


Salt infusions are handy to keep around, and pine (or cedar*) is one of our favorites to make.  Both salt and pine are well known for their protective and purifying qualities.  But while salt is feminine and earthy, pine is masculine and tied to the air.  Combining these properties brings balance, creating a spell component that is more powerful then the sum of its parts.  And it’s quick and simple to make.

You will need coarse salt (usually labeled as kosher salt in any grocery store), fresh sprigs of pine, and a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.  It’s important to cut your pine sprigs from a wild tree. Not only for the connection to nature, but also because most commercially available pine is sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals for transport.  (Remember to take a moment and thank the tree for its gift.)  Place the fresh sprigs in the…

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