Shamanic Totem Animal Appearance – Phoenix (Rebirth)

phoenix rising from Flames conjure summon phoenix fire bird beautiful sun bird phoenix bennu feng shui real magic
Phoenix is saying to you, “Get rid of the past and start afresh!”

The spirit of the Phoenix is very powerful.  This mythical animal is able to burn entirely and resurrect from its own ashes.  But, it can lead to very drastic and positive changes by erasing all burdens from the past and beginning anew.  You may go through a similar process right now or in the near future.  Even if it may sound like a bumpy ride, your soul is certainly calling for it.  The Phoenix is a bold, indestructible being, just as you are.  Those who use this ally are strong enough to create rapid transformation in their lives, quickly letting go of dead energies and accessing a whole new set of opportunities.  Thanks to this daring approach, many doors may open at once.  Don’t get overwhelmed by all those potentials and take a bit of time to study all your options.  But the only way is forward — full steam ahead!


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