Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox


Spring Equinox is just around the corner, what plants and earth rhythms are you seeing around you in nature? What medicines are calling you to invigorate your body and spirit?  Here’s an sample from the Ostara/Spring Equinox Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles lesson below!

 (want to get the whole lesson?  Grab it on Sale until March 30! )

It’s full of nature awareness practices, recipes for spring plant medicines and foods, meditations & journalling prompts for the Spring season!


Ostara- Spring Equinox- March 21

The wheel has turned again- as we approach the Spring Equinox.  At Imbolg we began to feel the stirrings of seeds within, at Equinox, those seeds are beginning to emerge.  The energy of spring is abounding in full force.  the energy of the plants, the trees and the Earth around us is upwards and outwards.  Leaves break forth from the surface of the soil and reach…

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