Tarot Contemplation – The Emperor (reversed)


For today, make a to-do list and get to it.  No excuses.  No distractions.  You can get a lot of meaningful work done today, but only if you take responsibility for yourself.  The Emperor is a card of authority, structure and security.  When he appears reversed, there is probably some problem in one of these areas.  The card could represent someone who is abusing their power.  It may be that the person in charge of your situation, whether it is you or someone else, has let their power go to their head.  They may be overly controlling or critical.  They may put their own needs before the greater good.  They may be deceitful or greedy.  They may be lazy or unmotivated, or just not qualified for the position they hold.  The Emperor can also appear reversed when a situation is not safe or predictable.  Rules and structure are missing.  Chaos prevails.  If you are trying to get something done, but do not have a plan or structure, you may find you make no progress.  Alternatively, if you are too structured and rigid, the Emperor Reversed may be prompting you to shake up your routine and be a little less predictable for the sake of creativity.  This card can also indicate trouble with boundaries.  You may find it difficult to say “no” or to avoid taking on other people’s “stuff”.  Or, you may be pushing your own “stuff” on to others.  The Emperor is the father in the Tarot, and when he appears reversed, there may be problems with a father figure or in taking on the role of father.  You may have trouble in your relationship with your father, or, if you are a father, with your children.  Your father may be ill.

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