Tarot Contemplation – The Hierophant (reversed)

Today is a day for learning. Ask yourself, “What one thing could I learn that would improve my life now?” Once you’ve decided your subject, hit the books. Go to the recognized experts and pay close attention to their words. Once you’ve absorbed the traditional teachings on this subject, you can begin to innovate, but for now be a willing and cooperative student. The Hierophant Reversed represents problems with traditions and societal norms. You may be questioning or rebelling against some tradition or societal norm. The way things are usually done may not be working for you. You may notice that traditional practices are harmful or impractical and may even participate in revolutionary action or protest. You may be rebelling for the sake of rebelling. A rebel without a cause. Ask if your actions stem from your deepest desires, or if you are just doing the opposite of what’s expected of you. This card also appears reversed to advise you to examine your usual way of thinking or acting. Perhaps your usual way of doing something is not in line with the life you’d like to live. Maybe the beliefs you formed in early life no longer serve your purpose. What was once useful to you may now be limiting. This card also appears when you are bothered by your conscience. You may be confused about the right thing to do or say. You may be riddled with guilt or regret. You may be feeling weary from constantly living up to the expectations that seem imposed upon you. The Hierophant Reversed can also represent a teacher with questionable methods. This teacher may use intimidation or shame as a teaching tactic. The lessons being passed may be unethical or outdated. This teacher may take advantage of their position of authority. Lastly, this card may also represent divorce or leaving a religion.

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