Tarot Contemplation – The Hermit (reversed)

The number Nine is associated with The Hermit, which often signifies completion mostly in a material sense.  Nines represent a time for looking back over what one has done and feeling secure enough in one’s achievements that one is able to dedicate resources to others.  It is also a time to integrate one’s achievements into the complete vision of one’s life.  So the energies concur for you today:  solitude is your friend.  Make sure you get plenty of alone time.  Get to know yourself.  What you learn will help you in more ways than you know.  When the Hermit appears reversed, you are being asked to look carefully at the role of solitude in your life.  If you’ve been feeling irritable, depressed or moody lately, you may want to take some time alone.  Don’t take it personally if a loved one is pushing you away at this time; we all need time for ourselves occasionally.  It could be that though you are around other people, you are keeping your thoughts and feelings private for now.  Alternatively, The Hermit may show up reversed when you have been avoiding other people in order to avoid dealing with some situation, or when antisocial has become a dysfunctional habit for you.  It may be time to consider getting out there and connecting with others.

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