Tarot Contemplation – Ace of Cups

Let your feelings flow today.  You have a wonderful opportunity to create something heartfelt and authentic.  Whether it is a new relationship you’re creating, or a piece of art, your willingness to be open and vulnerable will make it very special.  Look for new opportunities for love, friendship, or spiritual growth.  This is an opportunity for intimacy and pleasure.  It could be an invitation to a social gathering, a romantic getaway, a marriage, a letter from a dear friend, or a chance to indulge yourself with that which makes you feel truly happy.  You may receive a heart-felt gift.  This is a chance to make a fresh start emotionally.  It may indicate a need to let your feelings flow freely, whether this is expressing your love for another or letting your tears out.  The Ace of Cups can also indicate conception, a pregnancy, or a birth.  The Ace of Cups also indicates an opening of intuition — a chance to tune into your higher self.  When this card appears, pay attention to your dreams and be receptive to the subtle signs around you.

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