Tarot Contemplation – King of Cups (reversed)

If there is difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, today is a good day to have it.  You have a very good understanding of your emotions.  You can feel deeply without being swept away by those feelings.  You can also listen easily, with compassion and empathy to another’s point of view.  Maybe the difficult conversation you need to have is with  your self.  This King may seem like an unemotional person.   It may be that he finds his feelings so difficult that he keeps them hidden, even from himself.  He may be worried about the consequences of letting his emotions come to the surface.  He may also feel that he needs to look tough, even if, in private, he is in emotional pain.  The King of Cups Reversed can have trouble finding love.  Even though he has a lot to offer in romance, his fear of being hurt makes him put up walls around his heart.  Even though he is deeply caring, he comes across as emotionally unavailable.  The King of Cups Reversed can also become lost in love.  He gives all he has to the ones he loves and loses his own identity in the process.  Because his identity is so enmeshed with his loved ones, he can be overbearing and possessive of them.  This King can be excessively emotional.  He may feel a great deal of self-pity or spend all his time trying to understand past hurts.  His emotions may be so overwhelming that he is drawn towards substances or fantasy to escape.

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