Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess

It’s possible that a pleasant surprise will be coming your way soon in regard to work. This could even be a new job opportunity.  You may come up with some new systems or processes that make your work life simpler and less stressful.  Ignore workplace gossip and certainly don’t get involved in it.  Someone may not be completely honest with you in regard to finances.  You may not have all the information that you need.  Don’t be afraid to dig deep and to do your own investigating.  When it comes to financial transactions, be sure that you give out only the information that is needed and no more. Be sure that you are supporting yourself as best you can with diet, exercise and vitamins/minerals.  There may be information about your health that has not yet come to light.  If you feel that something is amiss with your body, believe in your concerns and advocate for yourself.  You may need to see a different health care practitioner.  Trust yourself.  If a procedure or test that is suggested to you doesn’t feel right, don’t feel that you have to go through with it.

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