Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Cups (rev.)

Giving up a dream

Unlike with the Sevens, there is no ambiguity with the Eights, no question of whether what you’re doing or choosing is the right thing.  With the Sevens, the person is often stubbornly holding to their course, praying it’s the right thing, but not sure.  With the Eights, there’s no such doubt.  The right course is clear.  Doing what needs to be done might not be easy, but what needs to be done is sure.  This means that reversed Eights are often about cowardice, weakness, unwillingness or uncertainty, as compared to the upright.  The Eight of Cups is also relatively easy.  This is the follow your dream card and upright, the person leaves what is comfortable and established to follow their dreams — however remote or improbable.  Reverse this and our dreamer walks away from is dreams to come home.  Worse, as the cups are inverted, home isn’t that comfortable.  This is that terrible card where a person who went out to make his own life surrenders that life to take care of his domineering parents.  It’s the husband who sells his dream business because the woman he married insists on it … and now he’s working at something he hates, living in a home where there is no love. A very, very sad and painful card.  Have you given up your dearest dream as being impossible and surrendered to a miserable reality?

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