The 12:12 Gateway

Mother Earth Father Sun

12-12 Jakes Nebula 800x600

The energies of the 12:12 gateway are now permeating the human psyche. This year it coincides with a new moon (in Sagittarius). In a week or so we will commence our last Mercury Retrograde for the year, followed by the December Solstice and then a Full Moon on the day when many are celebrating the birth of Christ. We are in for a busy December!

The number 12 is of particular significance. It is made up on 1 and 2, and adds to 3. So we have both Unity (1) and Duality (2) leading to Catalyst for Change (3).

Being part of all-that-is, we are always in Unity with the creator, but we have chosen to experience the veil of forgetfulness in this dimension, which creates our perception of Duality from the creator (and every one and every thing else). Once we realise the true nature of our being…

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