Triple-layer ice cream cake


Three ice cream layers loaded with Biscoff spread, dark chocolate and meringue pieces.

ice cream cake final

I had a jar of Biscoff spread sitting in the pantry after picking it up on a whim… in fact, I have a whole shelf full of stuff that I’m not exactly sure what to do with! You know how it goes – you read about something often enough on food blogs and stumble across it in a store so you buy some. Then you need to come up with something interesting to do with it.

Offering to bring dessert to a casual dinner with friends proved to be the perfect inspiration in this case! With our European heatwave still in full swing, ice cream was a no-brainer. Ice cream cake with three layers of different flavours and textures was the winner. A creamy cookie butter layer, a rich mousse-like chocolate layer and soft vanilla layer studded…

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