The Halau Is Celebrating Its 18th Year on this Happy Yule Day! Enjoy Peace and Aloha this Winter Solstice!

Take a moment each day to do a small act of kindness, and reflect on the effect that action has on you. Be the Aloha you wish to see in your world now.

Each one of you has noticed how quickly Time seems to be passing … minutes suddenly turn into hours and then it’s tomorrow. As these moments pass through you, you feel the draw … the Calling … the Awakening … to deeper levels of Knowledge that suddenly give way to joyful moments of Understanding … Many of you are now beginning to enjoy more Clarity in recognizing, re-membering, wisdoms you’ve already known reside deep within your hearts.

This process is not finite because Wisdom is an ever-evolving, infinite state of being. It is the Quintessence of Living. You now express a very high degree of intelligence in desiring to understand the laws of life. When you discover some part of these laws, you’ll ascend the scale of intelligence as you make use of your knowledge. A person who perseveres through difficulties and emerges successful manifests higher form of intelligence than the one who gives up and limits … no ,condemns … him-/herself to live a miserable existence. Intelligence is present in all human beings, but it can only increase by being challenged. A developed will is the tool for manifesting intelligence.

The more intelligent you are, the more things you can do for love. An ignorant person with love may only have two options to help a loved one because s/he can’t think of a third option. However, an intelligent person with love is more able to save or empower the person s/he loves because s/he has more choices and no lack, or limits. Knowledge is power of Sight, and all sought is meant to serve love. Therefore, being insightful or intelligent is the most loving thing you can do. Those who are intelligent can be truly loving with knowledgeable decisions.

The secret of secrets is the consciousness of secrets.

All the truths about life are not secrets, but they are hidden from us due to our willful ignorance. By framing the discovery of truths as a search for the secrets, we motivate our conscious mind to unite with our subconscious mind to go on a treasure hunt. In other words, we dream our subconscious dreams into conscious reality. This Unity of Mind yields the greatest treasure in this world: Wisdom … Thus, the Secret, the Key you seek, is that life is to be played as a joyful, treasure-hunting game. Treasures are meant to be appreciated … not coveted as pirate’s booty or a trophy to be won in a competitive race. When you think of truths as secrets, your United Mind, as guided by your Heart (because the superior brain cells reside in your heart), resonates an appreciative mindset that will draw Wisdom to you. That Light is the intangible treasure called Wisdom.

This is The MOST Life Changing Information in the world … and it is our Yule present to each and every one of you.

May you and your dearest families and friends celebrate in Aloha, Unity and Peace from this Time forward so that the Spirit of this season extends and propagates throughout the coming New Year.

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