Witchy ideas for things to do during the super blue blood moon

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

This is a list of different items of things you can do for the  super blue blood moon on January 31 2018:

  • You could meditate.
  • You could go through the process of finding your spirit guides.
  • You could make moon water, or in this case super blue blood moon water.
  • You could use divination to connect with spirit guides, spirit companions, ancestors, deities, and your higher self, along with any other type of spiritual being.
  • Perform a cleansing ritual to cleanse the area that you live in.
  • Take this time to do healing spells or rituals in the healing, nurturing, energy of the moon.
  • Take this time to send positive energy to people who you believe needs it.
  • Perform initiation ceremonies, or begin, and end trials of initiation.
  • It will be a good time to do energy work, and to open up your energy centers.
  • If you are attuned to…

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