Lunar eclipse tarot card reading

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

I pulled 5 cards from the tarot for this eclipse

From left to right- The 2 of Wands the twos are a balancing act. 2 of Wands is fire element like this Leo eclipse. As sPark has been lit.

The 2 of cups is LOVE ❤️ flowing heart energy also in synch with the message of the heart chakra related Leo eclipse emotional energy.

The 7 0f Wands,

A victory card courage valour strength of Will All Leo characteristic synchronicities.

The UNIVERSE or World card 21

Completion of a karmic cycle. A lunar eclipse is a super full moon event even . Without the super close perigee full moon.

An entire lunar cycle from Full to New Moon to Full again is encapsulated in a few hours during a lunar eclipse. It’s like a time-warp speeded up reality indicating a time of fast-forward energies for the next 6 months and…

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