Full Moon in Leo

Good Witches Homestead

Tonight at 5:27 am PST we have a Full Moon in Leo, a Full Lunar Eclipse, a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Blood Moon. That is a lot of Moon! And we all know that the Moon rules our emotions so be aware over the next few days of your responses and words.

Blue Moons are when a full moon happens a second time in the same month; Super Moons are closer to the earth and so they appear bigger and brighter; Blood Moons are when the Moon takes on a reddish color under the total eclipse and Leo ~ well Leo Moons are about personal power, warmth, and creativity.

Leo is a Masculine, Barren, Fire Sign and rules the Heart & Upper Back

A Sun in Aquarius sees the greater good of all and the Leo Moon is about self-empowerment and creativity and expression. A Moon in…

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