The Witch & Walnut

call me witch, not wiccanLet me start by stating I have no qualms with any faith and this is not a hail storm on Wicca or Wiccans. I truly believe it’s your prerogative to believe in and practice your faith whatever it may be. But please don’t project your faith onto me and box me into your world because you believe we are from the same “tribe”. Or “kinda the same thing” Let me make one thing very clear, we are not the same thing and I don’t have a “tribe” and I like it that way.

Moving on.. I’ve recently had a “white witch” her words not mine tell me that I promote and practice black evil magic and that I need to censor my content. Um… no, you need to put your Wicca book down learn that witchcraft is not Wicca and we don’t play by your rules. Do not confuse your…

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