Tiger Eye or The Amulet Stone

Anima Mundi Crystals

This wonderful stone Tiger Eye or The Amulet Stone is a formation trough oxidation of original crocidolite fibers and its transformation in limonite with quartz. Its silky shine that the limonite fibers generate in a round cut to the stone resemblance an eye and so we have the name of a stone used in the Medieval time for protection.

1200px-Tiger's_eyeSpiritually : The Tiger Eye helps overcome dificult times in our lives, without loosing our courage. It allows us to keep burning the flame of trust in a higher power that make us to go foward in the dark times.

Subconsciously : Tiger Eye helps attenuate our percepcion and impression of exterior stress situations making us less susceptible to a environment we dont like.


Mentally: It helps us to be more wise in dificult and complex situations. When you find yourself in doubt “take 5 with a Tiger Eye”, it will…

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