Amazonite or The Stone of Courage

Anima Mundi Crystals

Amazonite or The Stone of Courage , belongs  to the feldspat family and got its colors from copper. Denominated ” the stone of the Amazons” for the equalization with the nefrite wich the indians said its origins are in the “Black River”, in the country of ” the women without men”.

AmazoniteSpiritually :  Amazonite stimulates the autodetermination. Helps liberate oneself of the program of being a  victim of  a tragic destiny, it incites to hold on to the reins of our life.

Subconsciously : It compensates the extreme oscilations of the subconscious having a calming effect. It eliminates the grieving process and the anxiety. It brings a healthy belief in The Higher Power.

amazonite-pillowsMentally : Amazonite helps solve problems by combining two powerful atributes the mind and the intuition.

Physically : It regulates the metabolic alterations in the liver and acts as a relaxing vibration. : The best way…

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