Sun square Saturn serious Light

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic


early in the day. Another Cardinal Cross to bear.Squares always produce tension 

The SUN is light joy source energy inspiration positive and SATURN is the material world also known as The Devil in the Tarot #15.

Tarot card Trump THE DEVIL and Capricorn Tara Greene The Tarot of Jean Dodal
originals (Paris c. 1701) preserved in the French National Library and restoration

Saturn is heavy it is obstacles testing limitation maturity and heavy. Saturn is also the builder the bones the planet that governs everything in 3D. Saturn makes you sweat but hey no pain no gain right? That is a total Saturn motto.

Serious matters have light thrown on them. We can be mature and make a wise decision based on experience.

Saturn is a tough teacher. Depression is a Saturn rules thing.

Saturn puts the breaks on ARIES too spontaneous too reckless energy.

This is all a good thing. 

Seniors and…

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